It had been a long day at my internship and all I could picture were my floral sheets and pillow awaiting me at the apartment. Although I knew it’s where I wanted to be, I was also sure that I wanted to educate myself on the world of bakistry, which I haven’t yet explored in depth. So I threw on a flannel button-down shirt and some jeans and headed to the library. Like many whom desire to master the art of baking, I know that studying the fundamentals of baking is key; because of this I was determined to start the research that I should have done years ago; never too late right? I needed to understand the science that went into baking, so for the past two weeks I sat in a little corner of the library stacking books upon books and reading my soul away till dusk. In doing this I’ve learned about coagulation and just how important it is to baking. With all the knowledge I’ve recently gained I of course couldn’t help but share these fun facts with you: Custards, such as crème brûlée, are thickened by the coagulation of egg proteins mixed with liquid. As simple as this may sound, many whom bake aren’t aware of the chemistry that occurs when things are placed in the oven. Another fun fact non-bakers may not know is when whipping butter and sugar together in a mixer, sugar crystals are distributed throughout the fat molecules and this creates very small air cells in the base of a cake. When you bake the cake, thanks to these air cells expanding and growing during this process cakes become light and fluffy. Well that’s enough about my fun facts. I encourage you all to do your research on whatever is it that you want to pursue. Take time out of your week and just step into your local library, you‘d be shocked at what you find and learn. Knowledge is power ya’ll. (I’m adapting to the Texas slang hehe.) Don’t worry recipes and food pictures are on their way!!





2 thoughts on “Head In The Game

  1. Love the photos and I would’ve never thought that baking was so scientific. Your breakdown of coagulation of egg proteins had a Cosmos kind of feel to it….but for baking lol. Awesome post.


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