Built inside one of the most historical and best surviving Victorian commercial buildings in downtown, Fort Worth, Texas, Bird Café is definitely making a name for itself on East 4th St. It may be the genuine friendly staff or the mood and atmosphere the restaurant sets with splashes of brown hinted here and there, dimmed lighting, heart-gold green tiled floors complimenting their leather seating and walls covered with prints of birds created by local artists. Although the restaurant has received mixed reviews in the past, I was more than pleased with my order. I ordered the house-made basil lime cooler and started my afternoon with their Pig & Peach dish: crispy pork belly on a bed of cheese grits and Texas peach barbecue with a couple slices of grilled peaches as garnish and, of course, served on a cast iron skillet. The dish was packed with flavor, however portion wise I was unsatisfied. So, I looked over the menu yet again and decided to order their crispy duck wings which were tossed in a Fresno chili and malt syrup sauce and, of course, what wings can go without a side of carrots, celery, and bleu cheese dip? The parts of the menu that intrigued me the most were the category choices – you had to choose from either the “shared plates” category or “for those who won’t share” category – which I thought made the decision making easier. With the appetite I had that afternoon I was only looking at the shared plates, because my stomach was eating for two. I paid my dues ($32 dollars and some change) and headed on out to continue my afternoon exploring downtown Fort Worth, Texas.



Texas_dining-11Texas_dining-8  Texas_dining-15Texas_dining-18



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