If there was something that could actually taste like a heavenly cake cloud it would be the Julius cupcake at The Original Cupcakery Shop. It was voted one of the top 10 best cupcakes in DFW. The cupcake is a  orange-pineapple cake , topped with an orange and cream swirl. The cupcake was light and moist, yet it punched you with a zestful orange flavor that balanced off the cream. Being a New Yorker I have found myself in many cupcakes shops – considering they’re popping up everywhere in the city – but I have to insist that the best cupcake I have tried yet has been in downtown Fort Worth, Texas at this small quirky shop where baker Jenny and others are baking grandma’s cupcake recipes using all natural products. As I sat there for about an hour sipping away on my cup of Joe, I watched as Jenny received a constant rush of customers going in and out, buying boxes upon boxes of cupcakes. You know they’re the real deal when cupcakes are about $3.75 a pop and people are buying them by the box. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jenny for a while and she expressed her sincere passion for baking and love of conversing with customers who love the product. I then hailed a cab and, with a smirk, daydreamed of cake clouds the entire ride home.

The Original Cupcakery
132 E. 4th St., Fort Worth, Texas 76102



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