The idea of vegan ice cream doesn’t seem to strike as a “must have “to everyone. However, for the lactose intolerant like me, vegan ice cream is the next best thing! It is as though the ice cream gods are finally taking us into consideration. Yes, I am aware that vegan products are obviously targeted at the vegan population, but I manipulate myself to believe they care for the lactose intolerant as well. Since I know many of you probably don’t care about my issues with dairy I will now get to the purpose of this post—Melt Ice creams. They popped up a couple months ago on W Rosedale St. across from a convenience store and kind of in the middle of no place you would think an ice cream shop would be located, but were people willing to travel the distance for their vegan ice cream? The answer is yes. The parking lot was full with curious customers as to the new and only vegan ice cream shop in the neighborhood. Entering, you’re showered with hellos from the adorable staff dressed in vintage aprons. I ordered their melon mojito, which is a watermelon, lime zest, mint sorbet and my friend orders their vanilla bean ice cream made from coconut milk and scooped onto a freshly made waffle cone. For the vegan ice cream virgins that we were, Melt ice cream exceeded expectations. The ice cream wasn’t overly sweet, and it didn’t try to imitate ordinary ice cream. It had a significant taste of its own that intrigued and pleased the palate. As I left the parlor I just wished the best of luck to the owner with this blooming new ice cream parlor in Fort Worth, Texas.

Melt Ice Creams Parlor
954 W Rosedale St
Fort Worth, Texas 76104


melt_icecreams-2 melt_icecreams-6


2 thoughts on “Melt Ice cream Parlor

  1. This post is very intriguing… I don’t really do vegan but It makes me want to try vegan ice cream…great pictures by the way


  2. I am not a big fan of ice cream, but after reading your point of view of the vegan ice cream it defiantly gave the the urge to go and have some MELT ICE CREAM.


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