Donuts are one of my favorite things to indulge in. Now, if you don’t like donuts, by donuts I don’t mean the artificially flavored doughnuts at Dunkin Donuts, then you’re just plain weird—no, just kidding—but doughnuts are awesome and therefore you’re missing out. I mention this because my recent doughnut experience reminded me for the millionth time why I freakin love doughnuts. Recognized as one of the 23 hottest doughnut shops in America on and paired with great reviews from The Washington Post, and more, Astro doughnuts is a regular joint for Washington DC’s downtown residents. I was in DC for a 3 day extravaganza and how could I not visit Astro doughnuts and fried chicken in downtown DC, when it’s all everyone’s raving about. Since I wasn’t familiar with downtown DC, I bothered to stop a stranger for directions. I asked “Excuse me, do you know where I can find Astro Doughnuts?” and she replied, “oh you’re in for a treat, just make a left on the next block.” Aside from viewing great reviews online, I was more than ecstatic to arrive with what the stranger said in mind. Opening the glass doors you are immediately taken aback at how small the shop is. I then assumed the kitchen where the donuts are being made daily is probably occupying most of their space. However your eyes then begin to glare at the displayed donuts on top of the counter. Some had bacon, some had cinnamon, but all were mouth watering. I decided to go with the Passion berry doughnut, and their most raved about crème brulee doughnut that had that glossy sugar coating like a traditional crème brulee and crackled in your mouth the same way. The donuts were everything you want a donut to be, they were airy, fluffy, deep fried goodness and then coated with decadent frostings. With a cup of a Joe on the side, I was starting my morning off just right.

Astro doughnuts & fried chicken
1308 G Street, NW Washington DC 20005

DSCF4970DSCF4968DSCF4982  DSCF4958   DSCF4812


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