A couple blocks away from 14st Union Square is St. Marks Place also known as 8th street. Although 8th street runs from 6th avenue to Avenue A and further St. Marks Place between 3rd avenue and 2nd avenue is where to be. The block receives a constant rush of the eccentricity New York has to offer. You get a glimpse of punk kids, the homeless, businessmen grabbing lunch, and teens hanging out for $1 pizza. But what really makes this block worth taking a subway ride to I believe is the multi-cultural restaurants the block has. You can find Japanese, Korean, American, hummus bars, ramen burgers, falafel shops, even African food—all compacted into this one block. I headed down yesterday to treat myself to Spot Dessert Bar, a small bar not very noticeable located in a basement under a sushi restaurant. It is open late until 12am and is always jam packed. Sometimes you have to wait 10-30 minutes to get into this place. I won’t deny the wait is worthwhile since you can’t go wrong with a bar that only sells dessert. This place is pretty much the perfect treat for anyone after a night out with friends or a mate.

Pastry chef, Ian Chalermkittichai took the opportunity to combine Asian and American flavors and create unique plated desserts that are called “tapas”. Each dessert combines at least 3 to 6 different elements of flavor whether it’d be crunchy, salty, umami, fruity, or creamy. I had ordered the Pat Bing Soo, which is Ian Chalermkittichai’s version of a Patbingsu that is a traditional Korean shaved ice dessert. His version consisted of shaved iced drizzled with condensed milk then topped off with red beans, blueberries, strawberries, and mochi. But wait! To top it all off a scoop of taro ice cream is also placed on top of all these ingredients. It was refreshing with hints of sweetness from the red bean and ice cream yet it was balanced off with the small bites of fresh fruit. I had also ordered the Chocolate Forest, which is a chocolate mousse cake covered in a pistachio and apricot crumb served with pistachio ice cream. The mousse was a little too decadent for my preference however the pistachio ice cream had such a light flavor profile it balanced of the heavy mousse. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I can easily say it was a strange yet great way to start my day. Full of sweets and energy I paid my check and adventured off to Strand the bookstore.

Spot Dessert Bar

13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003









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