“ Bake to please, bake to delight, bake to spread warmth and cheer”- Jamie Schler, I quote this from one of my favorite food blogs of all time http://www.platedstories.com

Chit-chat fills the right side of the shop, for everyone there is in an intimate conversation where ideas, thoughts, and jokes are being shared on a wooden commune table. Then you direct your attention towards your left and laptops are being intently stared at, as strangers cramp themselves into small tables with immense focus on their work. The high ceiling fans gently permeate the room with the various aromas coming from the ready to eat pies that have just been taken out of the oven. This sweet smell I believe can sometimes take us back to a comforting memory of apple pie in our childhood or pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving. That smell never fails to do so with me. I take a seat on the quieter side of the room and share a table with a graceful, mellow toned girl whom typed her soul away, as if her paper on one of the great authors of the Renaissance was due on Monday. With her headphones on, she flips through the worn pages of a novel, completely oblivious to her surroundings. It was a windy day with drizzling rain spontaneously showering passersby. The day continues on in this frustrating manner, one moment you need your umbrella very briefly, the next one, you don’t.

I order a slice of the salted caramel apple pie, a slice of the salty honey pie, and a café au lait. Slicing into the apple pie with your fork, mouthfuls of the 5 layers of apple slices come crumbling down onto your fork. The pie had a thick-latticed crust which was gently egg washed and then sprinkled with sugar crystals that gracefully browned whilst in the oven. Each apple slice wore this beautiful blush of cinnamon and nutmeg. A canoe  shaped scoop of cream that had been whipped until soft peak was placed on the side. I then geared my spoon towards the salty honey pie slice and began to devour it. With every bite, the sweet honey tingle’s your tongue with this smooth bread pudding like texture that easily dissolves in your mouth, but then the sprinkled salt on top cuts through that tingly sweet sensation, giving you a perfect contrast to the sharp honey taste still lingering on the tongue. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of honey they used for the pie. As the afternoon wore on, I continued to slowly sip on my café au lait, engaged in a book whilst the sun shone through the sheer beige curtains. In the midst of all this, the soothing smell of pie continues to fill the room. Envious I was that I did not live in this neighborhood. I was more than an hour away from this cozy café/bakery on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 8th Street.

Four & Twenty BlackBirds
439 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215












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