Sweet Chick, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“So I…pull over to the side of the road. And I heard “Son do you know why I’m stopping you for? Cause I’m young and I’m black and my hats’ real low”, raps Jay-Z through the wall speakers on the corner of Bedford Ave and 8th Street. Sweet Chick, a restaurant that represents Brooklyn at its best. An urban hip cultured place where rappers such as Raekwon perform and rapper Joey Badass satisfies his cravings for curry chicken and waffles.Williamsburg, a part of Brooklyn most commonly known for its yuppie infested streets, rare vintage finds, eclectic fashion, and artisanal goods.  It is now home to one of the “top ten best fried chicken and waffle restaurants in NYC”, according to Zagat, BKmag, and Thrillist—Sweet Chick.

A long picnic table sits in the center of the dining room. A chalkboard at the far end of the room highlights a list of daily specials. Multiple vintage mirrors adorn the walls. Violet and Sun Porch Mum flowers in a water-filled Mason jar, maple syrup sitting above a mason jar lid, eco-friendly napkins and a fire-lit candle lay in front of each diner. She approached. I called her Lotus Flower, a quirky server yelling over the booming speakers and high pitch chatter finding its way around the place. A lotus flower tattoo inked onto her upper shoulder that would stand out to anyone.

So, how exactly is the fried chicken made at this joint ? Well, Executive Chef Randy Reppel brines his chicken in sweet tea and then rubs it in a secret spice blend. He then pairs his fried chicken with a wide variation of waffles such as the bacon cheddar waffle, dried cherry waffle, rosemary-mushroom waffle, walnut-parmesan waffle, and spiced pecan waffle, flavor pairings that might be familiar but not possibly in a waffle.

An order of fried chicken and dried cherry waffle arrives. A thigh and a wing lay next to 4 pyramid shaped waffle pieces. The crispy outer skin of the thigh and wing crackle in your mouth as you relieve the succulent meat from the bone beginning to steam with the first bite, similar to taking off the lid of a steaming broth. A dried Washington-Bing cherry waffle rested beside. The juices in the cherries burst into your mouth, brought back to life, rehydrated, bursting with flavor, so pulpy and acidic. A light dash of confectionary sugar is dusted over the waffle, which cuts into the acidity of the cherries, a sweet and savory combo at its best. A tablespoon scoop each of rosemary-thyme, assorted berry, and honey lemon butters, so light and airy as if they were whipped until light and fluffy in a stand mixer come complimentary with any chicken and waffle order. Spread these house-made butters on each waffle, your mouth will thank you. Sweet Chick, cool vibes and American comfort food at its best.

Sweet Chick
164 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11211








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