Morning Pastries Oh la la!

Whilst the butter proofs in the oven as layers of puff pastry rise between seconds, the butter curls spherically into seventeen layers of flaky morning pastry. Ring! Yells the convention oven as the double egg washed croissants have browned to perfection. Oh the magic, the science in baking as layered butter in detrempe beautifully symphonizes with steam in the convention oven to create such a phenomenal treat.



Have a croissant with some tea or coffee with a splash of cream. Slice the pastry in half and add blueberry jam, whipped butter, or almond cream filling. With every bite the pastry crackles in your mouth crumbling on your plate and lap like snowflakes. Fingers greased with butter, nonetheless no one ever cares.

Morning buns proof in the oven whilst layers of paton are rolled in coarsely ground cardamom, orange zest, and sugar. Open the oven doors—for they are ready to be indulged as aromatic steam seeps into your nostrils. You crave this treat filled with butter, a kick of zestful acidity and love.


The perks of being a baker are the harmonious smells in the kitchen. For while others sleep tight in their beds, I bake at 5 am with nothing but caffeine and love for pastries running through my veins. Buttoned up in my chef jacket and apron I stand below the concrete streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn baking my soul away.




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