You travel to Florence to find authentic gelato. You travel to Istanbul to find mouth-watering baklava. You come to New York for cereal milk soft serve? Essentially New York has never had a staple dessert, yes the cronut was birthed here and has had tourist piling in from left to right, but I say we become known for Momofuku’s cereal milk soft serve. Lines at Milk Bar can be out the door as customers pile out with the soft serve in hand. There has been many things done to ice cream but nothing I have tasted beats this yet. The soft serve is served in a white paper cup with corn flake cereal bits on the bottom, cereal milk ice cream is swirled in, then wrapped in a ribbon of more toasted corn flake bits. The cornflakes however have a light kick being that they were buttered, toasted, and sprinkled with a hint of salt. Soft serve taste as if the remaining milk after finishing a bowl of corn flakes. The milk left in the bowl that you either chug down or leave behind is now swirled into a cup as a cool treat for a sunny spring day. Milk Bar is very proud to claim the longevity the soft serve has, before it begins to drench down onto your hands creating the typical soft serve mess. The trick I believe is the wrapping of the toasted buttered cornflakes as they cage in the ice cream giving it a longer melting point. I find myself at times even craving it. Like one would crave chocolate ice cream at 12 A.M. or flaky pie after a hearty lunch, I crave cereal milk soft serve any given time of the day.

Address: 382 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone:(347) 577-9504
Hours: Open today • 9AM–12AM
Menu: milkbarstore.com




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