Waiting on an hour long line to get a Pokiritto at Pokeworks  happens to be a great way to meditate on life and future endeavors. The restaurant is blending in with the now fast casual restaurant trend of high quality ingredients aligned in a cafeteria served manner. The place is smaller than you’re nearest gas station clearly demonstrating the unpredicted success the owners had in mind with their sushi burrito concept. Currently, demand is so high, guest are only allowed to order up to two items on the menu. Pokeworks success has thrived due to the almighty power of social media. It all essentially started with the worldwide spread picture of a sushi burrito that allowed lines of prominently college students to spiral down the block. As folks start piling in, the wind permeates a whiff of Ahi tuna through the air tempting the stomach of those still waiting on line . “Cup of miso anyone,” yells out one of the employees handing out warm miso soup with bits of minced scallions for guest waiting more than forty five minutes. Oddly the restaurant is located right next to a cabaret and adult film store. Nonetheless, the sushi burrito was long overdue here in New York, I however thought Pokeworks demonstrated how social media hype has at times fallen flat when high expectations are set. I ordered the Spicy Ahi a combination of Ahi tuna, sriracha aioli, green & sweet onion, cucumber, and masago rolled into steamed white rice and nori. Tuna was fresh, aioli was mild, hints of cilantro here and there, but lacking elements of flavor that you were hoping would outshine your local sushi take out spot. Pricing ranges from $10-$15 depending on the burrito size. Top selling items have been the Salmon Shiso, a combination of fresh-diced salmon, green & sweet onion, edamame, cucumber, shiso leaves, crispy onion & garlic, yuzu ponzu. All combinations come either in a bowl (Poké Bowl) or a burrito (Pokiritto).

Address: 63 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018/Phone:(212) 575-8881/Hours: 11AM–8PM/Menu: Pokeworks.com








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