As much as I wanted to take Anthony Bourdain’s advice on skipping touristy stuff in Rome, I couldn’t help myself. A month in Rome gave me more than enough time to see both tourist attractions, while also maintaining a tight budget. It was at times difficult, yet simple, to keep my money in my pocket since Rome has evolved into a serious tourist trap. Food is no longer authentic in most restaurants. You find yourself exhausted looking for authentic pasta, gelato, or suppli and at times unsatisfied. As a true foodie on a budget, my grand advice to anyone traveling to Rome is COOK! cook as much as you can. DSCF6962

If there is anything worth trying in Rome it’s buying amazing produce at a local farmers market and making a simple meal. I cooked four days out of the week, even though at times, I got home exhausted. I always looked forward to the bright white carrots, sweet onions, fresh basil, etc. waiting for me in my fridge. If you really can’t cook then at least treat yourself to a cooking class and learn a bit about the cities food history, because ultimately food can you tell you a lot about a culture. Always look to have an authentic experience.


The formula to achieve an authentic experience is:

Eat where the people that live there blog about+ experience the nightlife+ avoid any lines tourist are on+ visit a street food market. Below are must eat places in Rome and random photos of the city .


Must visit:

-Gelateria del Teatro: Via Dei Coronari 65

Best Gelato in Rome point blank!! try all the flavors

-La Moretta Trattoria

Must have their Carbonara Ala Romana: pasta with pork and egg yolk, one of Romans most common dishes

-Hosteria Grappolo d’oro

Cacio e pepe pasta to die for!: pasta with pecorino cheese and black pepper

-Testaccio Market( Farmer’s/Street Food Market)

Try the porchetta there but also try the Trippa sandwich from Cucina Romanesa


Best Suppli( Italian street food) ever

Make sure the cheese inside is runny and goeey

Great place for wine and olive oil to bring back


Happy Travels!



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